Sunday 13th March 2016


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Just another fairy-tale….

Witches and brooms

Hiding inside every room

Witches and brooms

I never could believe in such gloom

And then you showed your face

From inside the furnace

Peeking through like a wide eyed snake

You knew what it would take

Remembering what was at stake….

Imperative it was for you to win

So you slowly shed your skin…

Witches and brooms

Stepping into the golden doom…

They call it Freedom…

poWhen your skin is synonymous with ill-treating

When your skin means you can take a beating

When your skin means you can go dying

When your skin says you should be leaning

Evolutionary society

Imperialism, archaism making the ruling

Chanting winds of change

Carrying flags for the brave

Yet crippled like slaves



Will there be a day…

When the voiceless will have their say?


Powerless I laid

Watching the winds

That would destroy the sails

And rip apart our wings


Powerless I stared

Out a window, soul bared

Veiling my eyes

Witness to the lies


Powerless I cried


As I perceived the End

Hiding her shrewd smile

And that knife in her hand…

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My sweet cigarette…

Ephemeral quivers of joy

Shades of darkness scattered light

Shakes of doubts of long dark nights…

Those damning thoughts…That crippled mind

We’re a long way from home oh sweet cigarette…